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Sorry to hear what has happened to you, My wife of almost 13 years has just told me on valentines day she doesn’t love me anymore and the person who was helping her overseas is now her lover. Just tore my heart and stomped on it. She spent so much time blaming herself but under all of that she kept talking about how she’s felt like that for years and never told me. It all came from her saying i didn’t do enough around the house even though i’m disabled and she knew that when we got together, Now our Autistic child is in shambles and i’m left ti pick up whats left. We’re selling the house we’ve been making our own since we got it over 10 years ago and now all that hard work is gone, just like that. Selling and splitting the value and my daughter and i are gonna have to settle for a small house outside of town just to live. Its just not right isn’t it?