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The hard part is the addiction I have to this man. He is very well-aware of his assets, which are mainly physical; he thinks he looks pretty good and primps more than any woman I know. His divorce was very bitter at the time, with many things said which never should have been in front of children. But his relationship has improved with his gay ex. Today, as a partner to me he is entirely self-absorbed. Everything we do is on his terms and at his whim, not at all like his extreme attentiveness and concern for my feelings  when we met – yet I get sucked in every time I see him. He calls me whe he has a hole in his schedule and has already cheated on me once.  Now he pursuing a single-mom, divorce lawyer who knew his ex. Still he sleeps with me and tells me he wants me in his life forever, that no one else makes him as happy. It is exasperating. He and his ex-wife have no boundaries (except sex, for obvious reasons). It we make plans, I never know if he will get in a snit and cancel them. He is debt-ridden and wants a rich wife who is very well- connected, so beware AB. If you get stuck with this parasite, you will regret it