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Hello to all the people who are going through rough times within your marriage. I recently had a bomb dropped on me as well.  My husband and I have lived separately but not due to hatred or fighting, it’s because I had to return to my country for medical reasons. He kept telling me, my friends, and family members he would return to me in my country. He has lived in my country for nearly 6 years. He came with his own money from his country, but he had never worked in my country for 6 years. To make a long story short, he’s disgusting, manipulative, and a cunning liar. He has lived with his parents most of his life right up until his mid-forties.  When he demanded a divorce, it was done through Skype. There was only vocal conversation and no video.  He was cold, cruel, and showed no concern for my health. He is very selfish and childish. He has said to me three times that he didn’t even want to marry me in the first place! His words were brutal and cut right through me. He wasted my time and money. Shortly after he demanded the divorce, he flew to the Philippines for two weeks. He even sent me two pictures..one of himself with no wedding ring eating ice cream and of course, his girlfriend was not in the picture as there was a second ice-cream. The second picture was two young Filipina girls sitting next to each other and and older Filipina with a young male child.  There were some people missing in the picture as it was cropped. He even had the nerve to message my aunt on Facebook letting her know he didn’t like what I said when he returned from the Philippines.  He told my aunt he sent me the pictures claiming we were “friends”. Is this guy a mental case or what??  He demands a divorce, goes to a foreign country where MOST men go to look for women and he expects me to be nice to him?? Oh god…if I didn’t have to deal with hospitals, I would have flown to his country and set things straight…actually I would throw the divorce papers in his face!  He had the nerve to pay their dinner as well  when he didn’t even come out for dinner on MY birthday. Disgusting individual!  He claims he paid their meal because he was staying with them and it was the family of a “FRIEND” in Ireland.  That is such a bunch of crap. I am sure it was his “girlfriend’s family” and he has no clue how stupid he is. He still has not served me with divorce documents, but I wish to have some sort of settlement from him after everything I have been through and basically he gave me a phony marriage.  Would anyone be able to help me with some advice?  I won’t let this go until he sends me a small settlement and I will sign all the documents he wants as long as his name is no longer legally next to mine. I want to move on from this scum of the earth!

Deceived and Disgusted.