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    • Ex wants to move

      Good evening; My ex-wife wants to move with my son, to London (ON) from Hamilton (ON), despite my protests. I have been asking for 50% visitation, and she keeps denying my requests.   We have joint custody.   Please help!   I’m losing my mind!

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    • random avatar Peter
      9 months ago
    • Divorce

      What do I supposed to do if I recently just found out that my husband is yet still married to someone else

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    • random avatar Francine Wilson
      11 months ago
    • She wants to take my son away after the divorce.

      When my wife worked abroad, she met a man who eventually became her lover. Due to that, we broke up. She filed a divorce which will be granted soon. But that is not the problem here. It’s about her taking my son, Mike, away from me. I understand that when the parents got divorced, the… Read more »

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    • random avatar FatherGrant
      11 months ago
    • Confused

      Ok first of all I am so confused, I feel my marriage was fake but at the same time I feel he loved me or was a really good actor!  I will tell you my store and you give me your opinion.  My soon to be ex and I dates for 4 years and broke… Read more »

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    • random avatar Sarah
      1 year ago
    • Help

      <span style=”caret-color: #2a2e2e; color: #2a2e2e; font-family: ‘Helvetica Neue’, arial, sans-serif; font-size: 15px; -webkit-text-size-adjust: 100%;”> going and he told me no. Now that he got caught he tells me that he’s not sure if he wants to be with me and he doesn’t know what he wants and needs time to think. He’s still talking to her… Read more »

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    • random avatar Meg
      1 year ago
    • Separation is coming

      I am on here because I really dont know where to go. I will share my story but please, I am devastated so please no harsh judgement. I have been unfaithful to my husband in the past. I carried on a physical relationship off and on with a person and an emotional one there after…. Read more »

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    • random avatar Sadness
      1 year, 3 months ago
    • Lost

      I need some guidance. My marriage has been falling apart since I was diagnosed in  2008 with cancer. I’m in remission but do have fibromyalsia. We have gone up and down the divorce and separation rollercoaster for a while. Things just are not improving. I’m lost..and scared.

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    • random avatar Bettyboop
      1 year, 3 months ago