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    • how to tell kids

      Looking for some real-life experience… We’re preparing to tell our son that we’re separating. We’re seeing a child psychologist tonight to help us build a script and navigate the process, but I’d really appreciate hearing from others who have been through this. What did you say? What do you wish you had said? And most… Read more »

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    • random avatarJane
      1 month, 1 week ago
    • 50/50 custody schedule

      My husband and I are planning to get divorced and so far things have been pretty amicable. We are able to sit down and discuss what we each need in order to be successfully divorced. One of the topics that we haven’t discussed in much detail is custody of our children. I think we both… Read more »

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    • random avatarMom of 4
      1 month, 3 weeks ago
    • Ex not being a good dad

      Help! I just went through a nasty break up with my ex. We were together for years, set to get married and he called it all off for another women. It hurt me & still does. The main problem is we have a child together. After he called everything off my child was devastated instead… Read more »

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    • random avatarKaycee
      1 year, 6 months ago
    • Acute Separation Anxiety in 7 year old

      Hi there   How do you deal with a child who has acute separation anxiety?  To the point where you can’t leave the room without the child following close behind, like a shadow?  The child will not sleep alone, will not go to the toilet on their own, won’t be in a room for a… Read more »

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    • random avatarEmma
      2 years ago
    • My kids are acting out!

      My kids are having a lot of trouble with the news that my husband and I split.  My 13 year old daughter will barely leave her bedroom and is giving me one word answers and acting like it is my fault he left me.  When my ex calls she is all sugar and spice but… Read more »

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    • random avatarjex
      3 years, 11 months ago