Collaborative Lawyers in Ontario

If you’re in the beginning stages of divorce, it’s important to understand that you have options. Today, many divorce cases get settled out of court, avoiding unnecessary stress, conflict and cost.  If both you and your ex-spouse are able to meet to discuss a settlement in a productive and cooperative manner, then a collaborative divorce may be the alternative dispute resolution that would fit your needs. If you’re ready to proceed, the Divorce Angels is here to support you by providing you with a carefully compiled a list of vetted collaborative lawyers throughout Ontario who have helped many clients in the past finalize their divorce in a more affordable, efficient  and collaborative manner.

What is a Collaborative Lawyer?

A collaborative divorce relies on the combined efforts of you, your lawyer, your spouse and their lawyer, as well as any other professional—such as accountants, financial advisors, custody specialists, and mediators—who can contribute in guiding the dispute towards a successful resolution. A collaborative lawyer helps you and your ex-spouse negotiate a settlement in a calm and cooperative environment. As long as you and your ex-spouse are both able to negotiate, you will likely be able to reach a mutually agreed upon settlement. A collaborative divorce depends on each party’s willingness to adhere to the collaborative process. If even one of you isn’t capable of negotiating, a collaborative divorce cannot be achieved.

After you decide on this alternative method of dispute resolution, you will likely each meet with your lawyers independently to discuss what assets you want, how you would like custody to be shared, and what terms you’re willing to negotiate. Your candidness with your lawyer during these initial meetings will allow them to do their job more efficiently, and negotiate more effectively on your behalf.

What to Expect from a Collaborative Lawyer

Since a collaborative divorce is voluntary, each party needs to be committed to this process. You both must be on board with this process. Your lawyer should be well versed in Ontario family law, as well as have excellent negotiating skills. Your lawyer should be communicative, available, and personable. It’s important to note that your collaborative lawyer will not be allowed to represent you in court, so any information you disclose will be confidential. If during the collaborative process, you and your ex-spouse cannot agree on a certain term, a professional mediator may be hired to help you reach a resolution.

A collaborative lawyer is not a warrior. They don’t fight to reach a resolution, they negotiate. As such, you can expect your lawyer to be amicable and respectful. Your lawyer will help you understand the process as well as clarify legal matters. This type of alternative dispute resolution requires a willingness to compromise. Refusing to negotiate or meet each other halfway won’t help you.

Hire a Collaborative Lawyer in Ontario

Divorce doesn’t have to drag on in court. If you and your ex-spouse are willing to negotiate a settlement out of court and discuss your terms in a respectful and productive manner, you will save time and money by hiring a collaborative lawyer. Divorce Angels invites you to check out our complete listing of professionals throughout Ontario who have helped many people in your situation finalize their divorce in a collaborative setting.