Collaborative Lawyers in Montreal

If you’re going through a separation or are contemplating the next step, it’s important to know that you don’t necessarily need to take your ex-spouse to court. If you are both capable of meeting on neutral ground in order to reach an amicable agreement, a collaborative divorce may be the best route to take. When you’re ready, the Divorce Angels has compiled a list of vetted collaborative lawyers in Montreal and surrounding areas who have helped many people reach successful agreements.  Collaborative divorce is often a more affordable and efficient approach to reaching a settlement.


What is a Collaborative Lawyer?

A collaborative lawyer helps you and your ex-spouse negotiate a settlement in a productive and cooperative environment using the added expertise of other professionals like accountants, custody specialists, and mediators. The process relies on each party’s willingness to reach an agreement in an amicable and cooperative manner and with the help of objective professionals, hence the term “collaborative.”

After you and your former spouse decide on a collaborative divorce, you can likely expect to each meet with your lawyers independently to discuss what you want, what you need, and what you’re willing to negotiate. This is the perfect time to be candid with your lawyer, so it’s important to feel comfortable discussing your marriage and your terms of negotiation with them. These initial meetings give your lawyer a better sense of how to proceed in your best interests.


What to Expect from a Collaborative Lawyer

A collaborative divorce is not mandatory, which means that you both must decide that this is the divorce option of your choice. If either one of you wish not to hire a collaborative lawyer, this type of alternative dispute resolution is not possible.  Your lawyer should be well versed in Quebec family law, as well have great negotiating and mediating skills. This type of dispute resolution does not allow your collaborative lawyer to represent you in court if you should need litigation. Ideally, collaborative divorces are less expensive and more efficient. If, at any time, you and the other party cannot agree on specific terms of the settlement, a professional mediator may be hired to facilitate the process.

A collaborative lawyer is highly skilled at guiding both parties towards a mutually agreeable resolution. You can expect your lawyer and your ex-spouse’s lawyer to be friendly representatives. They aren’t there to fight for your cause, but rather to facilitate the settlement process in a way that’s equitable and acceptable to both parties. They are also there to provide clarity on legal matters. This type of alternative dispute resolution requires a willingness to compromise. Refusing to negotiate or meet each other halfway won’t help you.


Hire a Collaborative Lawyer in Montreal

There is such a thing as a friendly divorce. If you’re both willing to negotiate a settlement out of court and are able to discuss your terms in a respectful and productive manner, you will save time and money by hiring a collaborative lawyer. Check out the Divorce Angels’ complete listing of French and English-speaking professionals in Montreal who have helped many people in your situation finalize their divorce in a collaborative setting.