The use of Mediation to arrive at an agreement for separated spouses is an excellent choice of resolution process.
It is quicker and less expensive than a Court process, which is not always needed.

Mediation involves negotiation by spouses with the assistance of a Mediator who helps spouses arrive at a mutually acceptable resolution on all the legal issues that have arisen as a result of the separation. The Mediator facilitates the discussions between the parties and helps promote cooperation and understanding.

It is a voluntary process and the parties are in control of the agreements they reach. Mediation may not be appropriate if there is a history of abuse, whether that is verbal or physical, as there may be power imbalances that cannot be “neutralized” in this process.

It is always advisable for the parties to seek independent legal advice before finalizing any agreement reached in Mediation.

Marie Nickle
Lawyer and Mediator

Marie is a family law lawyer in Mississauga, Ontario. Marie offers a ½ hour free consultation and information session to spouses who are interested in Mediation to help decide if the Mediation process is the right process choice for divorcing couples. To learn more about Marie please click

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