So here I am three years post divorce and I’m ready to get my “sexy on”.
I mean the last five years have been a shit storm of tears, humiliation, anger, frustration, manipulation, angst and sleepless nights.
And I have finally arrived at a place close to calm and I’m feeling “normal” again.
Albeit a new kind of normal but I do feel ready…
Ready to date and have the same kind of fun my now ex husband experienced during those hard years of marriage.
Yes – he cheated on me and I never thought I would get past it or through the pain.
But after all the work I did on myself I am starting to feel proud of the person I am and to be truthful, I’m in need of a sexual encounter!
I’m not even looking for my soul mate… just a night or two of fun.
I married right out of college and never had a chance to play the field. I started dating my ex at 19 and really haven’t been with anyone else.
So I am pretty scared of starting this journey but I am sort of excited to connect and have sex with someone new.
I haven’t felt sexy in years – after my kids were born my husband stopped complimenting me and stopped taking me out for romantic nights. Our sex life was pretty lame during those last few years.
I never felt great about my looks but I’ve been working with the Divorce Angels professionals to help get me styled and I’ve started to work out… I feel kind of sexy these days and can’t wait to get out there.
Last week I went on bumble and had my first real date. Our next date is lined up for this Thursday… so… I’m ready….I’m bringing sexy back!

Marylin, 43, Edmonton

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