I, like the rest of the world, (okay not all but most) have been obsessed with the breakup of Brad and Angelina. I have followed every post, tweet, picture and newscast. To say I am now an “expert” on their life would be an understatement.

My preoccupation with their story has weighed heavily on me over the last weeks. Why do I care so much? Why does it make me happy that they are over? Why do I feel so happy for Jennifer Aniston? And I am not alone. It appears that I am one of millions of people preoccupied with the whole situation.

I am sure this won’t be shocking to anyone reading this but I am divorced. And yes, you guessed it; my husband did cheat on me. It was an awful time in my life and I was humiliated beyond belief. Without going into the horrible details, I will say that everyone in my little community knew – except me. I found out in the waiting room of my doctors office overhearing two women talking about it.

So of course I felt for Jen and the public humiliation she had to endure as her marriage broke up. I had experienced it first hand and all I can say is that it takes incredible strength to keep it together.

I remember being fascinated by the behavior of both Brad and Angelina. His disregard for his former wife – he was done, out. Found someone else and didn’t care at all about Jen and her feelings. It was as if he was doing everything in his power to stick his affair in her face and try and hurt her. It was reprehensible to me.
But far worse was Angelina’s behavior. It was bad enough she had an affair with a married man – but was she really that insensitive to another woman’s feelings? Is there not some kind of unspoken girl code that prevents us from treating our fellow women like this?

But as time went on my anger towards them dissipated. It seemed like they were meant to be with each other – they had passion, they were soul mates, they were best friends and obviously so connected.

It made me consider my marriage and all the things that we lacked and made me think that perhaps this was what my ex was looking for when he cheated on me. It didn’t make what he (or Brad) did right, just simply more understandable.

But Karma is a bitch and people don’t really change. It’s a great life lesson for all of us! Brad left Jen for his “best friend” for “passion” and to be a father. But what he was really chasing was those beginning feelings that ALL of us experience in a new romance. It doesn’t matter if you’re a movie star or my ex husband – that beginning passion is just that – beginning passion.

As real life sets in and relationships normalize – that passion is supposed to turn into a deep and meaningful love that is full of respect and kindness.

Brad and Angelina’s split shows us that some guys will always chase the passion and never find long lasting happiness. So in fact this is all really about a great lesson for all women out there who have affairs with married men. Just remember that one day you may marry and understand the importance of commitment, trust and respect and will be devastated when some younger women catches your husband’s eye and shatters your dreams.

I know Jennifer Anniston would never publicly admit this but Karma is the best revenge!


Laura R.

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