Brené Brown studies with human connection has us deep in thought….
Profound insight from her research in our ability to empathize, belong and love has us questioning humanity and the impacts of these finding on those of us who are divorced.
We believe Brené is accurate in her belief that without vulnerability there is no courage. For many of us this means we allowed ourselves to become so vulnerable to our partner only to end in the shame of divorce.

But why do we feel so ashamed and isolated? We need to understand that we were courageous in our vulnerability in our marriage and that we are equally courageous in our divorce. Our vulnerability has shifted from our partner to the outside world – which arguably may be even more courageous!

Another thought to consider as we move forward from our divorce is that we will need to be vulnerable once again because we desire that sense of “belonging and love”. Without putting ourselves back out there in the ring we can’t expect to find it again.

Watch her video here