Do you need to know about a one time Affair?

Many of you have been telling us you would prefer to NOT know about your partners’ affair if it only happened one time or was with someone from out of town (never to be seen or heard from again). The sentiment we keep hearing is ….if the affair is purely physical with no emotional attachment… Read more »

Exasperated? Need to Vent? That’s OK but then move on!

Many of our readers are expressing their frustrations with being left alone, feeling lonely and just an overall frustration with having to work at building a brand new life. We understand this feeling – seems like the work to payoff ratio is off balance, right? But who says you need to sort it all in… Read more »

Pull yourself together and keep on moving forward

We know it can be tough and we get that some days you just want to get under the covers and not make contact with the outside world. But we are here to help you through and tell you that you need to believe in yourself and keep moving forward. One step at a time… Read more »