Three things you should know about Sex After Divorce

Sex after Divorce is one of the most talked about topics at Divorce Angels! It’s time to take charge of your sex life — get comfortable with yourself again and get back between the sheets. So make sure you are ready with these three tips! 1. You can’t get over someone by getting under someone… Read more »


Hey everyone… Think this business about attitude is BS? Well it’s not! Literally your attitude is everything! Those of you who think your life is over because you are getting divorced need to re-examine and reality check. Is everything falling apart or are there elements you can still be grateful for? Listen – we totally… Read more »

As part of our premium network to help you through your divorce,  we’ve decided to expand our services to include more than just introductions! Divorce Angels has been connecting the divorced market for over 5 years and has been extremely successful at matching our clients with great friends, partners and dates! Working in conjunction with the Angels,… Read more »


Feeling kind of powerless? Has everything spiralled out of control and not sure how you will ever get things back on track? Well perk up and look around! Guess who is going to fix things for you? If you answered YOU then bravo! Because YOU are the only one who can make it happen for… Read more »

Get your behaviour in check…

Divorce is an overwhelming, emotional time.  We get it and we understand.  However as “adults” we need to remember that we need to keep our behaviour and emotions in check for our kids.  They are the innocent victims in all of this and deserve to be protected.  So take a minute before you act, or… Read more »

Religious impacts on Divorce

Katie Holmes split with Tom Cruise because she feared losing Suri to Scientology after church members moved into their HOME Remember this? We all had an opinion of why this marriage fell apart but looking back, the issue of religion and marriage is a hot topic and often a trigger for divorce. Many of you… Read more »

Time out!

Hey Guys… Time apart from your kids can be extremely tough… especially at the beginning of your separation and even harder when the divorce is officially finalized. We know you miss them. We know you are struggling with being alone and finding your way without them. And we understand the angst you feel about not… Read more »

“Take it One Day at a Time….”

People often use this expression when they hear you are going through a divorce. They mean well but it often comes across trite and meaningless. When it’s taking forever to finalize and formalize your Divorce you may find this piece of advice rather annoying. What does it even mean? Be in the moment? The awful… Read more »

Do it for YOU!

So many of our readers have shared with us that they are finding it really difficult to move past the hurt of their ex leaving. We keep reading about how bothered you are with how your ex is now conducting him/herself in their new single life. We understand the anger and frustration you are feeling… Read more »

Dirty Little Secret of Divorce

Depending on where you are at in your divorce you will read this next statement and either gasp with horror or agree wholeheartedly…. One of the best upsides of divorce is the freedom you have on the weeks/weekends/nights that you do NOT have your children. Known as the “Dirty Little Secret about Divorce” this benefit… Read more »

Guilt of Divorce

So many of our readers punish themselves for breaking up their family. Worried their children will never be normal and will suffer extreme anxieties as a result of the divorce. We understand you would prefer keeping your family together and we totally get that a non-divorced family is easier to navigate. But don’t be fooled… Read more »

“Happily Ever After” – Post Divorce

We launched Divorce Angels with the intent of being here to support you, inspire you to get off the couch, and start believing in yourself again – with the ultimate goal of finding your new “happily ever after”! So does this feel possible for you or just seem like a load of crap? Well listen… Read more »