Easier said than done for sure!
Often we get fixated on the pain, mistrust and the heightened emotions that go along with our divorce. And when kids are involved it can be tough to keep your feelings at bay for the sake of sparing theirs.
This past weekend, the Angels attended a wedding for an amazing 25 year old whose parents divorced when she was 12.
Their divorce was messy with the father cheating on his wife. leaving her in complete disarray.
Needless to say the divorce placed a major hole in this family unit and impacted the upbringing of this bride and her siblings. And while the parents threw many punches at one another they both made it their business to keep their feelings in check. They prioritized their children – ensuring they maintained respect and love for both parents.

Fast forward to the wedding and we watched in awe as these parents (father now remarried and mother living with her boyfriend for over 8 years) join each other down the aisle and underneath the chuppah (a canopy beneath which Jewish marriage ceremonies are performed). All four parents surrounded the bride with beaming smiles and love. And not only were both biological parents celebrated in the ceremony, their partners were also included and acknowledged for playing important and meaningful roles in the bride’s life.

We have to say this was a classy celebration in every way….
We share this story with you to reiterate how important it is to keep it together for your children.
Remember that YOU got divorced but your kids did not.
We know this unity meant the world to the bride and we hope to inspire you to come together for major (and minor) events that are meaningful for your children.

Having trouble with this issue please reach out to the Angels in our chat and we can connect you to great professionals that can help. Also visit our chat room to talk to others going through a similar situation – ask them for advice on how to navigate.
Remember to keep it classy because classy always feels better!
The Angles