We totally empathize with you and understand it is hard to get past the pain, the hurt, the drama.
It’s way easier to lie in bed and believe you are a victim of so many wrong doings and seek sympathy from friends and family.
But we are here to tell you it’s time to get up and start living your life again.
Yes – divorce sucks
and Yes – your world has changed.
and double Yes – it’s so much work to move forward and make these changes.
You have two choices
1. Wallow in your sorrow and stay stuck in your story
2. Get dressed, put a smile on your face and CHANGE your story
It won’t feel great your first day out.
It won’t even feel great your first few weeks and months
But we guarantee you will start to feel accomplished, proud and maybe even happy in a few months time.
It’s baby steps until then.
You can kill it even if you don’t feel it
We promise you eventually will!
Need some more support?
Reach out to the Angels in our Angels Chat or talk in our Chat Room with others going through a similar experience
We know you can.
So…. Just Do It!!!!!
The Angels