Divorce is an overwhelming, emotional time.  We get it and we understand.  However as “adults” we need to remember that we need to keep our behaviour and emotions in check for our kids.  They are the innocent victims in all of this and deserve to be protected.  So take a minute before you act, or react, or come unhinged and think about your beautiful children and how your actions will have a direct effect on them.  Your pain will go away – we promise.  It will take time but you will inevitably come through it and find a whole new dimension in your life without your ex.  Your children, well not so much.  They will hold on to your crazy actions and it will shape not only their views on you forever but have a direct impact on how they handle their future relationships.

So grow up and get control.  Show your children that sometimes life doesn’t work as planned but that we are resilient beings.  Show them strength of character and how to handle life’s adversities with class and grace.  We know you can do it!

The Angels.