Getting divorced can be all-consuming! Our audience tells us they can’t seem to escape the feeling of their divorce in almost everything they do!
We understand your life has changed and now everything looks and feels so different.
What can you do about it?
Well, a great coping skill is getting a new hobby and following it through.
Sounds simple and somewhat strange to pick up something new at this stage of your life?
May be more complex than you think.
As for the strange part, it’s time to rebuild you so what better way than looking at activities that may interest you and determining if you are any good at them.
Take a break from the noise of your divorce to spend your energy on learning new things and learning about you!
Not sure what to do? Take a moment to google ideas on the internet. Solicit others going through a divorce in our chat room and forum and see what types of things they’ve picked up.
Remember when you shift the focus your perspective lightens and opportunities open up.
The Angels