Many of our readers are expressing their frustrations with being left alone, feeling lonely and just an overall frustration with having to work at building a brand new life.

We understand this feeling – seems like the work to payoff ratio is off balance, right?

But who says you need to sort it all in one shot? Why can’t you tackle pieces in steps?

Many of you have shared that you began by writing out a simple list. On one side, you list the aspects of your life that can remain the same and on the other side is a list of pieces that must change. For some of you that means “time with the kids” can continue in the same fashion – just solo (maybe you always were doing this solo) or maybe you need to figure out how to change it up (need ideas, food options, activities, etc). “Living in your marital home” could be a line item on the list. You may now need to change as a function of money or maybe you really should just change your living conditions to create a new clean fresh space that is uniquely you…. Examine the list and then prioritize.

You can tackle each item in baby steps…. You can even begin with the easiest item and then as you start to feel more comfortable with the changes, you can implement others.

We know its tough and starting over can be daunting. But we also know that staying put and wallowing for too long will leave you in a worse spot. Take control of your situation and start slow…. Trust us you will feel better about yourself with even just one step closer to rebuilding.

For more tips and ideas on how and what to tackle, visit our forum or start talking to others going through a divorce in our chat room.

We know you can do it! The Angels are watching over you and are here to support you!

The Angels