Depending on where you are at in your divorce you will read this next statement and either gasp with horror or agree wholeheartedly….

One of the best upsides of divorce is the freedom you have on the weeks/weekends/nights that you do NOT have your children.

Known as the “Dirty Little Secret about Divorce” this benefit can help you reset, regroup, rekindle and reassess your status quo. Now you armed with the alone time you NEVER had when you are married! Yes, some of you will be saddened while reading this and will think you don’t want to be alone, you will miss your children and/or you are sad at the reality of this new dynamic. But once you have come to accept this new normal you will see that you can and will embrace being without your kids when your ex has them.

Not only does this time away provide you with space to read the book you always wanted, watch the show you never could, pick up the hobby you always dreamed about doing, rekindle the lost relationships with your friends, spend romantic nights with your new lover, but also allows you the space to be a better parent when your kids are WITH you.

Like any job or skill, you can’t be good at it 100 percent of the time. Sometimes you need to take a break to come back better and stronger. And just knowing the increments are short term makes you even more capable in the moment.

Feeling excited about this dirty little secret doesn’t make you a heartless parent. You are allowed to have some “me” time to explore yourself and your own needs. Taking care of kids is of course your top priority but knowing they are with the other parent who cares as much as you do can give you relief. Take this time for yourself and really use it to your advantage.

Trust us, your married friends are pretty envious of this aspect of your situation so look at it with enthusiasm and inspiration.

Enjoy this time….. The Angels