We all know Divorce is stressful, whether you are the one asking for one or have been asked for one.  For some, the next steps are very overwhelming, and in fact sometimes you just don’t know where to start … lawyer, therapist, divorce coach?  Ultimately the main objective is to create an amicable separation agreement, including a financial settlement.  To create a fair financial sustainable settlement, there are so many documents and financial and tax data that needs to be collected and analyzed. 

For some people, they have no idea where to start. One of our professionals on Divorce Angels, has an accounting firm that caters specifically to individuals going through a divorce.  Accounting For Divorce (AFD) was created by Mark Harendorf to help uncomplicate this situation for clients.

Mark and his team guide and educate clients through the process by assisting with all the bookkeeping, data and document gathering and financial and tax analysis.  They work with their clients and their lawyers with different settlement scenarios, and help to make it easier to help make important financial decisions in order to obtain the best possible financial outcome during this stressful time.

To learn more about Mark Harendorf and how he can help you click https://www.thedivorceangels.com/vendor/mark-p-harendorf/

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