Addiction Therapy in Winnipeg

Substance abuse and addiction affect people across nations, cultures, creeds, genders, and socio-economic backgrounds. If you or someone close to you suffers from an addiction, getting professional treatment will significantly increase the chances of recovery and living a life of sobriety. Addiction is a disease that requires serious treatment and family support on an ongoing basis. Learning about this disease helps families understand their own role in the addict’s life and in their recovery. If addiction in your family has cost you your marriage or your relationship with your child, Divorce Angels has a complete list of qualified and top-notch addiction therapists in Winnipeg, Manitoba who have helped many people understand their triggers and develop the strength to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

What is Addiction Therapy?

Addiction is a destructive and potentially fatal disease that affects not only the addict, but his/her loved ones. Family members are forced to witness and often enable the addict to continue to feed their addiction, and no matter how hard they try to help. But help is available. Various forms of addiction therapy have helped many people manage their addiction and leave a clean life. Working with an addiction therapist helps people better understand their disease, their triggers, and how to deal with their emotions in healthier, more productive ways. You will learn how to develop the skills to handle life’s challenges without drugs or alcohol. With therapy, you can learn to accept what you cannot change and to live sober through moments of pain, sorrow, and joy. You will learn to resist drugs or alcohol in moments of emotional weakness.

Other Addiction Programs to Consider

Millions of people are successfully recovering from their addictions by regularly attending 12-step groups and following programs based on the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous by Bill Wilson and Bob Smith. AA, Narcotics Anonymous, and similar programs are available in Winnipeg and all over the world. If you’re in therapy and are considering attending a meeting, speak to your therapist before following a 12-step program, as their philosophies about how to achieve sobriety may differ.

What to Expect from an Addiction Therapist

Addiction therapists use cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), psychotherapy, group therapy, and other forms of talk therapy. They are not necessarily former addicts. Therapy sessions are only as effective as the effort you put into them. Openness, honesty, and a willingness to change will allow you and your therapist get to the root of your addiction. Showing up regularly and on time will let you practice accountability.  Your therapist can determine the most effective course of treatment for you, depending upon your specific circumstances.

Find an Addiction Therapist in Winnipeg

It’s time to take control and learn how to live life on life’s terms. There is always hope. If you’re reading this for someone else, forcing them into therapy isn’t recommended. Offering support is all you can do. We welcome you to let Divorce Angels help you find the help you seek.  Our complete list of vetted addiction therapists in Winnipeg will contain the right therapist for you.