Addiction is a destructive illness that sadly tears families apart. Addiction to drugs, alcohol, and unhealthy habits or behaviour can happen to anyone, whether you’re a successful parent or beloved child. If you or a family member suffers from an addiction, it’s important not to give up. Help can be found in your community. Addiction is a dangers disease that needs immediate and continuous treatment for the addict and family members. If addiction in your family has cost you heartache, Divorce Angels is here to offer you the help you need by providing you access to our list of vetted addiction therapists in Montreal.  Our referrals are professionals who have helped many people work through their triggers and understand how to kick their addiction and safely manage it as they make healthier choices.

What is Addiction Therapy

Addiction is not a choice; it’s a debilitating and dangerous disease that affects the addict and everyone close to them. It causes shame, anger, resentment, and fear. If you’re the family member of an addict, you understand how heartbreaking it can be to love someone who will lie, cheat, and steal to get their next fix. Addiction therapy has proven to help people overcome their addiction. Discussing problems with an addiction therapist helps people better understand why they use, what triggers them, and how to deal with their emotions in healthier, more productive ways. While harm reduction is ideal, only complete abstinence from drugs and other mind-altering substances can prevent relapse.

Other Addiction Programs to Consider

Millions of people have overcome their addictions by engaging in 12-step programs that focus on fellowship, study, and taking your addiction one day at a time. Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and other similar programs have factions in cities all over the world and are available in all languages. There are English, French, and bilingual programs throughout Montreal. Every program is free to join. Speak to your therapist before attending a 12-step program, as their recovery philosophies may differ from a fellowship program.

What to Expect from an Addiction Therapist

Addiction therapists are trained professionals who use a variety of effective therapy methods like cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), psychotherapy, group therapy, and other forms of talk therapy are commonly used. All methods have proven to be effective. Your addictions therapist is not necessarily a former addict. It’s important to be open and honest with your therapist and to regularly keep your scheduled appointments. Everything discussed is completely confidential, and you do not have to tell your friends or family about your sessions.

Find an Addiction Therapist in Montreal

Do you or someone you know suffer from an addiction? If so, it’s time to find the right treatment that can help save your life. If you’re reading this for a family member, forcing someone into therapy won’t help. You only risk triggering anger and resentment, even though the addict may understand they need treatment. Suggesting therapy is all you can do. Recovery is only possible if the addict is completely willing and able to accept their addiction and reach out for help. We welcome you to please consult Divorce Angel’s vetted list of English and French-speaking addiction therapists in Montreal.