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Divorce Angels filling a void for 40% of Canadian Marriages

With the staggering statistic of 40 percent of Canadian marriages today ending in divorce, a group of long-time friends – Marni Sky, Mara Marcello, and Shari Wagman – launched Divorce Angels in Toronto in January 2016, drawing on their own personal experiences to create a support network, helping those going through divorce.

January 16, 2017

Janette’s I’m Every Woman! TV

In this Janette’s I’m Every Woman! TV episode, we talk with MARA MARCELLO, one of the DIVORCE ANGLES, about some of the things women and men need to consider when getting a divorce, as well as all the available resources the DIVORCE ANGLES provide to guide you through it.

February 26, 2016

Introducing Divorce Angels

When it comes to business, entrepreneurs like Hollywood, love a happy ending. Maybe that’s why there are so many sites and resources available for people going through the traditional ‘happy’ stages of life such as getting married, think the and, and countless sites devoted to new mom’s and babies such as and, but divorce related sites are few and far between. Perhaps it is due in part to negative stigmas associated with divorce. (whatshesaid)