Getting back out there after divorce is not an easy thing.  Sex after Divorce is a common concern for most women – after years of being with the same person, it is now your time to rediscover your body and yourself.

Swimming in unknown waters is both scary and exciting at the same time. So It’s good to have some insight from others of what you can expect when you are finally ready to take the dip.

Here are a few tips (from many women we have talked to) who have been intimate for the first time after years of being married to the same partner.

  1. Having sex after marriage will feel strange and unfamiliar
  2. You will probably feel very nervous and inexperienced at first
  3. Relax, and enjoy the moment
  4. Buy sexy lingerie and make sure you are protected
  5. Get out of your head and don’t worry about what others are thinking
  6. Be open about your body and what turns you on
  7. Move at your own pace and partake in what feels comfortable to you
  8. Look at “post divorce” sex as a time to be open, optimistic and carefree
  9. Have lots of sex and fun before getting into another relationship

Remember, this is a new time, a new you, filled with new experiences!

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