My husband and I divorced 5 years ago.  It was mutual and amicable and we have been able to keep it somewhat civilized for the kids.  We are nice when we see each other and are able to be together for kids birthdays and special events.

We have both had relationships since our divorce and we have been able to be respectful and okay with it.

However his newest girlfriend is something else.  I find it impossible to be in her company.  I keep trying to figure out why.  I don’t want to be with my ex.  She is nice to my children.  What is my problem?

I have spent many nights trying to figure it out and here it is:

  1. She’s always perfect – hair, makeup, outfit.  It’s as though its all she has to think about.  It is so weird to me.  My ex is not that kind of guy so I can’t help but wonder what the attraction is.  It’s as if he has gone back to high school and finally got the “it” girl.
  2. She tries to hard – she’s always trying to engage me as if we could be friends? Is she kidding? I don’t want to be her friend.  I want to smile and be civil but I have enough girlfriends.  Thanks but no thanks.  Plus she is over the top with her gifts to my kids and it makes me nauseas.
  3. She thinks my ex is “Super Dad” – she doesn’t recognize that there is a difference between super dad and good time dad.  Super dad shows up for Dr. appointments and school meetings….Disney dad plans great vacations and fun weekend outings.
  4. She needs a lot of attention – somehow every conversation turns out to be about her.  She is also obsessed with social media.  She posts more on Facebook and Instagram then my daughter does and tags me on every picture she posts of my kids.  Her posts range from childish to provocative and it makes me crazy.  My friends tell me to unfollow and unfriend her but I think it will just make me look jealous.

As I write this I feel juvenile and petty, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say how great it is to get off my chest! Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 7.31.23 AM


Sue (not my real name)


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