I considered myself one of the few fortunate ones.  Because of my legal background (practiced law for more then 8 years) and my experience as a partner in a financial services firm (my current occupation) I was all too well aware of what was ahead of me when the divorce proceedings began.  I knew enough family law to be aware of the procedures, I had experience in insurance and financial matters, yet I must say that even with my background I still found myself lost and confused at times.     

Despite the animosity between myself and my then wife, I naively believed that a simple amicable solution was not only possible but in fact likely.  Why waste money fighting when it is better served going to help our autistic son? 

Simply….when emotions take over all logic goes out the window.

Who do I turn to?  Whose opinion can I trust?  What do I do next?  There were lots and lots of questions with nowhere to turn for answers.  Sure I relied on friends.  Of course I got the expert opinion in all areas from my jewish mother. But mostly I had to figure things out on my own. 

Since that time I have had a new appreciation for what people go through in a divorce.  I have learned that there are wonderful resources out there to help with the struggles and the fear of the unknown.  Never be afraid to reach out or to ask for help.

You might just find an “angel” if you do.

Todd Gotlieb, LL.B
GBK Strategic Financial Partners

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