The constant in life is change, yet we are frantically determined to hang on to the people
and things we love.

After a divorce or life transition the awareness of this impermanence is heightened. 
Besides our partner we notice that certain people in our collective have
suddenly disappeared. Friends and family that once offered love and support may
now be absent in our time of need, perhaps triggered by their own fears and allegiances.
The lines are drawn and inevitably sides are picked.

As if losing your husband/wife isn’t enough you now experience further isolation
and the totality of your aloneness. The weight of these losses can paralyze and
disable movement and zap your energy for life. Lost in an emotional blizzard it is hard
to find solid ground. 

A Life Coach helps tether and support you through this storm.

Your Coach becomes your new “Plus One”.  The person you allow to see behind your mask.
The coach creates a safe, relaxing, inspiring space (either in person or via phone) where the client and coach work on a deep experiential and intuitive level to explore, heal, create and activate the life you deserve.

What is the difference between a Therapist and a Coach?

While they both offer valuable services they offer individuals support in different ways.
Counselling focuses on the PAST and helps break up issues or traumatic events that are
blocking the client from moving forward in their lives.  It is often based on a diagnosis or concern.

The Therapist/Client relationship takes the form of “expert” and “patient”.

Coaching focuses on the PRESENT and on moving forward into the future.
It helps people become “unstuck”.  It is based on the belief that the client is
healthy, creative, resourceful and whole.  It supports clients in revealing the
answers that are already there. The Coach/Client relationship is a partnership.
The expert is always you. You know you best!

The Coach provides a mirror or “shines a light” into new areas through a process
of conversation and inquiry.  The client gains light bulb moments and perspectives
about themselves, which help to move forward past habitual worries, habits and behaviours that have limited or stopped them in the past.

With the right mix of compassion, loving kindness and non-judgement plus a hefty
wallop of kick-ass motivation, the Coach guides you as you begin to visualize and connect with your inner wisdom. 

Not only do you get a Plus One to help you take baby steps with, you embrace all of your truth and reveal who has long been hiding behind the mask.

Cori Capp
Divorce Coach
Mind Body Spirit Coaching
Cori Capp

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