What a crazy thought to think you may have to actually date again!

You planned a life with the one you thought was your “forever” but life took a different turn.

No one wants to be alone but the dating scene seems so foreign and scary.  Back to the bars, the set ups, and the dating sites.  How terrifying is that thought?

It doesn’t have to be.

In fact, it can be an exciting time in your life.  A second chance, a new beginning, and a fresh start. 

The best medicine is getting back into a social environment.  Whether with friends, co-workers, the gym or other people you can connect with who may be going through the same thing will help you find a sense of confidence and pride.

With technology these days you can re-enter the dating process at your own pace, behind your screen until you feel ready to get right out there.   On-line chatting allows you to dip your toe in the water and re-awaken the flirt in you.  Social media makes it easier to connect with past flames and introduce yourself in bolder ways to different groups of people.

There are also modern day match matchmakers and dating agencies that pre screen your dates to match you with your ideal mate.

But, there is the old fashioned way too – being “set up” by friends.  That was my preference. 

Blind dates are definitely a thing of the past. But I do believe that until you get out and actually sit face to face and interact with someone, you are essentially on a blind date.

The way to meet someone is to have an open mind, a cheerful outlook, a clean shirt and a bit of luck.  “Luck” is learning to take a chance. 

It is not easy but it’s also not as difficult as you think if you feel ready enough to start a new chapter.  I met my current husband on a blind date.  Sure I was curious about his appearance and all the shallow details before we met.  But we both took a chance and decided to meet. We developed a great friendship at first, which turned into a great respect for one another which then grew into something more and the rest is history.  We both have a strong appreciation for set ups and chance meetings.

You will never know until you try.  One bad date can lead to a good friend who can set you up with another friend who can turn out to be the one that you fall madly in love with. 

Take a chance and get back into life. Nothing ever happened while sitting at home.

Not that I am an expert at all, I just know I believe in second chances.


Paula Seligman

Peony Designs

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